Who are we?

Make Way to the Young (or simply ‘'Way to the Young” in Bulgarian) is the only list of candidates in the upcoming European Elections in Bulgaria composed exclusively of candidates below the age of 35. In addition, none of the candidates have previously participated in politics. Each candidate has a strong academic background and professional experience.

Our list defends a clear pro-European vision for the future of Bulgaria. Our belief is that Bulgaria’s integration within the European project needs to become a central strategic objective for the development of the country. Bulgaria and the EU need to be governed by dedicated professionals who follow a long-term strategic vision and place an emphasis on finding pragmatic solutions instead of following left or right ideologies.

The main priorities of "Make Way to the Young" are to:

- Ensure safety and prosperity for Bulgarians and the citizens of the EU

- Focus on a solution-based program that improves citizens’ quality of life addresses their problems

- Offer a professional and pragmatic governance for the EU with a clear vision for the next 25-50 years

- Place Bulgaria as an active participant in the development of the EU towards a more united Europe

- Strive for strong and independent European diplomacy and united Security and Defense policy

"Way to the Young" will seek the support of Bulgarians who previously did not vote, who previously have not found politicians with whom they identify or have been disappointed by existing parties and are looking for change. We strive to bring higher standards of ethics, governance and professionalism in order to restore the faith of Bulgarian and European citizens in their representatives.

Our platform for the European Elections will be presented at the opening of the campaign in the beginning of May.

Discover the candidates’ biographies and experience here.

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